Recovery Program

The Basics

Our program is simple and focused. This allows our residents to concentrate solely on their recovery as they learn how to care for themselves, while overcoming addiction.

Born from the early Mozambique days from where Healing Wings started, our program has gone through a metamorphosis. Growing from a tough approach towards a combination of practical work and intense therapy. 

Pelgrim’s Place is going back to basics. We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in recovery. Instead, we offer a program leaning away from the often popular over-therapising approach to a more practical, hands-on methodology. 

We combine innovative philosophies and hands-on therapy with our extensive knowledge on rehabilitation. Our program not only facilitates a holistic recovery approach by adapting to new circumstances but also introduces basic life skills to enable residents to cope with the many problems that are plaguing them in their everyday lives.

The Specifics


Each resident will undergo Situational Counselling and Group Therapy. Although one-on-one therapy works in select cases, and will be used where necessary, we have found that situational and group therapy provides a more effective means of addiction treatment.


Residents will be 100% responsible for their own day-to-day lifestyle needs. This includes being responsible for some basic household chores, their own hygiene, as well as sport and fitness.

Subsistence and commercial 

Paternoster will include a dual farming component which aims to keep individuals involved in both subsistence and commercial farming. Working in the land for food that ends up on the plate is not only a vital component in an individual’s therapy but is also an important skill to take away with him.

Basic Skills Development

We will introduce some necessary life skills like cooking, gardening, property maintenance, masonry, carpentry and electrotechnology. These introductory skills will be aimed at giving the resident enough knowledge to apply in everyday use or spark an interest for further studying opportunities. 

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